We wholeheartedly believe that everything we do must be birthed in prayer and connection with our Father.   We have many opportunities for you to be involved in prayer and also a place for you to submit your prayer requests.


Since our foundation over 40 years ago, Shiloh has had a mandate to be a “House of Prayer for all people.”  We have many types of prayer groups that meet during the week, in addition to other prayer events which are available to all.  If you need prayer, we have dedicated teams always ready to lift up your requests.


Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.   Philippians 4:6 NKJV



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Prayer Opportunities


  • General Intercession: 8:00 AM Tuesday and Thursday via teleconference, (508) 924-2568
  • Prayer for Sunday Worship Service: 8:30 AM each Sunday in the Suite 20B
  • Prayer for Wednesday Worship Service: 6:00 PM each Wednesday in the Prayer Room
  • General Intercession: 12:00 noon each Tuesday in the Prayer Room





  • Children’s Prayer Team: Prayer for a child or children of our congregation.
  • Email Team: Prayer in response to praise reports and prayer requests sent by email.
  • Missions Prayer: Prayer for all of our missionaries who serve local and abroad.
  • Morning Prayer Team: Prayer meetings at 8:00 AM Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
  • Pre-service Team: Prayer preceding each Sunday Morning Worship Service and Wednesday Evening Worship Service.
  • Noon Prayer Team: Prayer meetings at 12:00 noon each Tuesday.
  • Neighborhood Prayer Outreach: Solicit prayer requests by going door to door in the community.
  • Prayer for Key Leaders: Prayer for pastors, elders and key church leaders.
  • After Hours Prayer Team: Prayer coverage from 4:00 PM Friday to 10:00 PM Monday for those that call the dedicated prayer line for one – on – one prayer.
  • Events Prayer Team: Prayer for upcoming events during the year.
  • City Wide Prayer Team: Prayer as volunteers drive through designated areas of the city to pray each week over the city.
  • Freedom Prayer Team: Praying for Freedom Ministries as it is being established at Shiloh.

If you would like to join a Prayer Team,

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Prayer Commitments

Below is a list of our prayer teams at Shiloh. Please prayerfully consider on which prayer team(s) you are being led to participate to support Shiloh's call to prayer. You can then respond by completing the commitment below. You will be contacted by your prayer team leader(s) with further information about team prayer.
  • You may select up to three of the following prayer teams.
  • Please let us know if there is a prayer team in which you are willing to be a team leader.
  • You may select up to three of the following prayer teams.
  • Please let us know if there is a prayer team in which you are willing to be a team leader.


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