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Calendar Event and Download Facility Request Form (CEFRF)

Food Details Form (accompanies CEFRF)

Table and Equipment Request Form (TERF)


Online Forms


2023 Encounter Retreat – Fill Out Form

Join us for our Encounter Retreat February 24th and 25th 2023


Possessing the Land Pledge – Fill Out Form

Join us as we join in unity to fulfill the vision of God for Shiloh and Possess the Land.


Volunteer Form – Fill Out Form

Let us know where you would like to serve and the team lead will be in contact soon. 


Office Work Order – Fill Out Form

This form is for publication request only (i.e. copies, lesson materials, etc…) not for general requests. For general requests please email the office directly at

  • In order to help the office keep up with increasing demands, and for work to be done in a timely manner, please fill out this form to have the work you need done by the office staff finished on time.
  • The deadline for work orders is Wednesday at 12 noon for items needed for Sunday morning.
  • The deadline to have an approved publication for a Work Orders is at least 3 business days before the completion date. (Deadline may be earlier during holidays and for larger projects)
  • It is very important that you are as specific as possible in the instruction portion of the form, including the file names of any files you will be uploading on page two of the form
  • The office wants to serve you in the most efficient manner possible, however they need your requests to be clear and straight forward as possible in order to be efficient in this service.

Announcement Request Form – Fill Out Form

  • The purpose of our monthly bulletin is to promote ministries of Shiloh Christian Ministries that help to develop healthy believers and encourage others to actively take part in worship, outreach, fellowship, discipleship and ministry.
  • Acceptable bulletin material consists only of announcements and advertisements submitted by organizations, ministries, or individuals associated with SCM.
  • Announcements, submitted by congregation members concerning weddings, engagements, births, deaths, funerals and showers are also acceptable.
  •  Please keep your announcement length under 55 words.
  •  The deadline to have an approved announcement entered into the weekly bulletin is Wednesday at 12:00pm (Deadline may be earlier during holidays).
  •  Announcements and advertisements may be placed in non-bulletin format designated by the office staff. You will be notified if this is the case.

Baptism Request Form  – Fill out form

Please use this form to let the office know you are interested in being baptized during our next baptism service.  


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