Connection Groups are the heart and soul of our ministry.  This is where life happens—friendships, encouragement, and a discussion centered on the Word of God you can readily apply.  Connection Groups have different emphasis and meet at varying locations, days of the week, times, and frequency.  We have groups for men, women, young adults, and mixed groups.   Below you will find a list of the Connection Groups that may be right for you!


Mixed Groups

Marriage / Couples

Call (520) 249-8421 for location

All Are Welcome

Call (520) 732-1058 for location

“Watchmen of Shiloh”

Call (520) 234-5579 for location

All Are Welcome

For info call/text (858) 265-5814

“Life in the Spirit”

Call (720) 353-9563 for more info

Healing and Wholeness

Call (520) 803-1354 for location

“Fire of Life”

For more info call/text (915) 227-6165

All Are Welcome

Call (520) 265-7364 for location

In Spirit and Truth

Call (520) 255-8907 for location


Call (720) 353-9563 for location



Men’s Group

For info call/text (520) 266-1526



Women’s Group 1

For info call (520) 459-4851

Women’s Group 2

for info call/text (520) 234-0027

Women’s Group 3

for info call (520) 227-3650


Young Adults

Young Couples & Young Adults

For info call/text (520) 236-8153

The Edge Young Adults

For info call/text (520) 255-9994 



Kingdom Singles

For info call/text (520) 234-0027


Silver Saints

“The Bridge”

Call (520) 417-2881 for more info

This group will connect and encourage one another and minister collectively to other ministries to connect the Abraham, Isaac and Jacob generations!

























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